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Welcome to my website my name is Mark my day time job is as a software and web developer, which I love, but my greatest passion is art. I have built this site so friends can view my work and also as a reference for myself and other artists to use.

I have collected all the YouTube videos I have watched and but them all in one place for quick reference. I will review the purchases I have made and list links to books and tutorials I have purchased that have helped me improve my artwork.

This is a work in progress and may take many years to develop hope you enjoy the site.

PS The Site is biased towards Corel Painter and Digital Art which is my main area of interest....


Corel Painter Studio

A relay good facebook group full of wonderfull people and talented Corel Painter Artists

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Mark Higgins Portrait & Restoration Artist

Tutorial Videos

Art is the oldest profession

(Lascaux Caves) Painting 17,300 years old

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